Building 'The Lodge' - Our Journey

We never thought this day would come but finally our land is 'scraped and pegged' and the house-build is officially commencing on Tuesday 7th October 2008. We hope you will join us throughout our first house-build project... exciting times ahead!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Scraped & pegged as at 6th October 2008!

The house-build is officially due to commence today so it was much to our delight when we popped by the land on the way home from house-boating yesterday to discover it has been 'scraped and pegged'.

As you can see the land has been prepared, the 'outline' pegged and various other bits and bobs such as waste-water pipes and foundations - pretty impressive stuff.

A good start. Let's hope it continues this way! And now for some pics...

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