Building 'The Lodge' - Our Journey

We never thought this day would come but finally our land is 'scraped and pegged' and the house-build is officially commencing on Tuesday 7th October 2008. We hope you will join us throughout our first house-build project... exciting times ahead!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Club House Rules!

We finally managed to get some swipe cards for our Community Club House this week so we treated ourselves to a guided tour after our weekly pilgrimage to the building site!

As you can see, it is absolutely amazing with a pool, spa, huge tennis court, two BBQs and the actual Club House itself.

The biggest surpise of all, however, was the furniture in the Club House - JIMMY POSSUM!!! None other than what we are hoping to use in our house when it's ready!!! Well... if it's good enough for the Club House it's certainly good enough for me!!

Seriously though - we were really impressed with the facilities the Club House has to offer and will definitely be inviting family and friends to enjoy them with us once we move in!

Here are some pics - click the big image and you'll be taken to the slideshow.

Oh and after this slideshow scroll down to the next blog entry as this gives detail of the actual house-build progress...

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