Building 'The Lodge' - Our Journey

We never thought this day would come but finally our land is 'scraped and pegged' and the house-build is officially commencing on Tuesday 7th October 2008. We hope you will join us throughout our first house-build project... exciting times ahead!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

And even more bricks... we think - 2nd week of December 2008

Well it was hard to tell whether any progress had actually been made this week - I compared last week's pics with this week's pics and couldn't see a great difference - but then we have had some rain so we'll let them off...!

In other developments, we were disappointed to learn that the tile we had chosen for the kitchen splashback - a glass mosaic type style in creams, browns and pale greens - is no longer produced so they are going to send us out an alternative to consider... hopefully it will be just as nice!

Just a few pics... hopefully we'll have some more interesting updates for you next week - we are both hoping they're going to make a start on the roof very soon!

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